Dressing Up

Hey there again guys! It’s Danielle! (If you couldn’t tell from the !!!)

It seems like people have this preset notion that if you dress up fairly nicely that you’re are trying to impress someone. First off this is wrong. I don’t wear dresses most of the time to impress people. I don’t need a compliment for satisfaction. In fact I really really do not like compliments or being noticed. So why do I dress the way I do? To please myself. I have a favorite quote that says

“She dresses well to please herself.”

I don’t know who said it but I love them for it. People question me everyday based on what I wear,even my friends. If I decide to wear shorts one day they automatically think that I’m down in the dumps. I like shorts just as much as I like dresses, it doesn’t mean I’m upset it means I want to wear shorts. So don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can’t wear. If you feel confident in it wear it.

Have a fantabulous day!

Much Love,