Finals are Upon Us!

IMG_6307Finals are Upon Us!

With finals coming up there are a lot of great opportunities to get dressed up. Obviously there are presentations that a lot of us are required to dress up for but there are other opportunities as well. For me as an art student I have final critiques to go through. I know for a fact that appearance can make or break you in a lot of things, especially art. No one wants to see a starving artist dressed in oversized clothes (stereotypical). Your appearance can help you a lot with things that require other people to see you. also, believe it or not if you dress well when taking a test you’re more likely to succeed. If you feel confident (which often happens when you dress nicely) then you’ll do better on tests. I never dress like a numb to a test, no matter how early in the morning it is. Just a few helpful tips and some reassurance that you got this!


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