A Sunny Fall Day

DSC02929 DSC02945A Sunny Fall Day

Why hello there lovelies!

I know we haven’t been around for a awhile, it has been crazy busy with midterms and shows! But now we’re back and low and behold it’s fall!

We also have a new friend on the blog! This is our suite mate Monika! Isn’t she adorable?! She didn’t even pose for this picture! She’s just a natural model! I love this girl to death.She makes college so much fun! (So does Addie).

We also have our fountain which has “pink” water in for breast cancer. It’s more red, but it’s the thought that counts. My hair looks awful in this picture but I promise it looked great all day! It made me feel like Carrie Underwood.

Anyways those are our outfits! And our lovely, beautiful school, Radford!

With love,


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