Long, Long Ago…

IMG_5116 IMG_5114 IMG_5113Long, Long Ago...

Actually it was Thursday. Addie was supposed to do this post (cough cough) but her best friend, mom, and grandma came to visit this past weekend! So we’ll cut her some slack.

This blue blazer is so adorable though! And it adds just the right pop of color! Of course Addie is wearing her khakis too. Something you will also find out soon but I’ll just tell you now, Addie loves riding boots! She doesn’t ride horses. Anyways! Great outfit! Love the blazer and I wish it was in my size so I could wear it!

It was chilly outside on Thursday…so naturally…I wore a skirt. It seems like if one of use dresses for the weather the other doesn’t! Fashion will be fashion.
As you can tell from our blog name, polka dots are so in! I think they always have been, it’s just one of those classic 1950’s pattern! It’s also a really good thing I go to Radford because I love wearing red(Dread the Red). I just love it. The great thing about red too is that there’s a shade of it for everyone!

So even though this post is late, and there probably won’t be another one till later this week, I hope you enjoy!

Stay Beautiful,


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